Emotions=Energy In Motion Part Two

//Emotions=Energy In Motion Part Two

E-motions=Energy In Motion Part Two

In part one  https://sharonshores.com/emotions-energy-in-motion/ I explored how emotions are energy in motion and how these emotions not only impact our DNA but our health and well-being.  Now in part two I talk about how we can discover these emotions and about how we can change or release them to help us reach our highest level of performance.

The Attraction Factor-Like Attracts Like

Quantum physics has demonstrated that “like attracts like”.  (http://www.lawofattractionpro.com/science.html ).   Let’s go back to that imaginary state where we are traveling through your body and along the way we find many blocked emotions—fear, anxiety, despair.  Now imagine these emotions having HUGE energy magnets inside of them—and these magnets are attracting the exact same energy that is within these emotions.

Thought to ponder:  If these emotions are negative:  What type of energy do you think will be continually attracted to your cells, to your body, to your life?  Remember that everything is energy (energy in motion) emitting vibrations!   Health vibrates at a higher level than disease.  Joy vibrates at a higher level than fear.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research goes even further to say that these emotions (energy in motion) turn into beliefs and then habits, also energy in motion.  Then these emotions, beliefs and habits become ingrained in our cells and body to the point where even if we try to “change” our mind (brain) it becomes difficult to do so. Have you ever tried to change habit only to find yourself back in the same habit?  This is because the energy of the cells has now developed a memory of the past instead of an image of the future. These emotions beliefs and habits are emanating an energy that says “this is our comfort zone” no we do not want to change.  Because everything is energy (energy in motion)-the next step is our bodies create chemicals and neuropathways in our brains and cells that lead to this “comfort zone”.   Because of this Dr. Dispenza states we are for the most part always operating from a memory of the past instead of a vision of the future. (Dr. Joe Dispenza Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself)

Ways to find out if you have trapped emotions?

So what if in your DNA there is trapped negative energy that you are not even aware of?  How do you find out what that emotion is that is connected with this energy?

Step: 1. The very first step to determine if there are potentially trapped energies related to negative emotions is to look what you are feeling and experiencing.  Ask some questions:  What is my health state?  Am I healthy?  Do I have chronic conditions?   Am I undermining myself?   What feelings am I feeling?  Is my energy low? Do I put off things?   Do I frequently feel feelings of despair or fear?  Chances are you have trapped emotions if you are experiencing any of these.

Step: 2.  Another step is to honestly look at the results in your life.  What results am I experiencing in my life?  Is my life prosperous or do I seem to have blocks around abundance?   Results are the tip of the iceberg—under the tip of the iceberg are the hidden causes of the results.

Step: 3. Take a look at the Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins and write down the emotions you experience on a daily basis.  –Dr. Hawkins’s map helps to define the emotions but also shows you the vibrational energy levels associated with each emotion.  These energy levels are not incremental in vibration level but are exponential in energy level.    So the difference in the vibration level between each emotion is GREAT!

Map of Consciousness

How to? How to identify and transform these emotions.

There are many ways to identify and transform negative emotions.  Ways of doing this include: hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, tapping, journaling, inner child work, massage, acupuncture, meditation and many, many other excellent modalities can help in releasing these emotions.

As a Certified Emotion Code ™ Practitioner I have found the Emotion Code™ by Dr. Bradley Nelson to be very effective in identifying and releasing trapped emotions.   His technique enables the practitioner to identify trapped emotions related to everyday life as well as inherited emotions and other types of trapped emotions including pre-natal and pre-conception emotions.  Clients have experienced amazing results when emotions are released! Note there is always a processing time when the body is going through the releasing process which may happen quickly or may take a few days.   I invite you to contact me regarding a session to determine if you have blocked emotions!


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