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What is the difference between the Body Code and Emotion Code? 2019-09-03T10:38:37-06:00

The Emotion Code only deals with the emotional imbalances, and while 80% of the imbalances we suffer from are emotional in nature (and can cause many different physical issues), The Body Code covers the complete spectrum of healing and includes a way for us to find all of the imbalances we may be suffering from. 

The Body Code Certification is an intense -6 month study with the requirements of the applicant passing with at least 85% accuracy a 100+ question test and submitting 30 case studies for review-before becoming certified.

Medical Intuitive Work with Sharon (READ before signing up for a Session)!! 2019-02-28T07:20:38-07:00

Medical Intuitive Work with Sharon (READ before signing up for a Session)!!

The way the -Medical Intuitive Sessions  work is that I do my work VERY early in the morning.

There  is no direct contact with the person -I bring the person  into my meditation in my mind in the morning  for 10 days.   I am able to release and or correct things that are wrong with the body- the body guides me.    I spend 5-10 minutes each morning working on your body.   I take notes on what I find and at the end of the 10 days –at about day 12 or 15 you and I have a brief follow up conversation on the findings.

The investment for the 10 days of work is $99 payable prior to the sessions via PayPal.

How Many Emotion Code Sessions do I need? 2018-05-07T18:02:41-06:00

During one session we can release 10 to 15 emotions.  Result vary with each person.  A single session will be effective and allow you to experience the results of this work.   Typically I recommend 3-5 sessions or at the very least consider a once a month maintenance session.

Here is why: Each day we think 60,000  to 70,000 thoughts a day!  Most of them are negative!  So you can imagine how many trapped emotions the average person has in their body.  Let’s take the average of 65,000 thoughts per day  times 365 days -that equals 23, 725,000 thoughts JUST in one year!  Since many of these thoughts are negative – emotions get attached to them!!  These emotions then become extra emotional baggage in your life and will interfere with your sense of joy, perhaps your work and could potentially lead to imbalances in your body.

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Do you have to be a Christian to use the Emotion Code/Body Code? 2018-05-07T18:02:43-06:00

Do You Have to be a Christian to Use The Emotion/Body Code?

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are non-denominational healing methods. We do not require that our students or certification applicants are Christian or have any other particular religious beliefs.

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are certainly available to be used by people in all walks of life. None of our materials state anything about religious requirements, although I do share some of my own spiritual experiences and the form of prayer that has worked for me, as a suggestion.

As a Christian myself, I have gotten my answers to prayer by asking for help from God, and by praying in the name of Jesus Christ. Many of our Christian students and practitioners are vocal about combining their faith with this work. But do you have to be Christian for these methods to work? No.

We always recommend that people pray to the Creator or higher power, whoever they believe that higher power to be, before beginning a session. The reason for this is that the highest duty of the healer is to act as an instrument in the hands of that higher power, to heal that person you are trying to help. This goes a long way toward ensuring that the answers received are as accurate as possible.

Christians will choose to pray in the name of Jesus Christ, and Muslims will choose to ask for help from Allah, and so on, and we have no problem with that, as we believe in allowing all people to worship as they wish, and to practice these methods as they choose!

-Dr. Brad : )    Source:  Dr. Bradley Nelson Question related to Christian Faith

Advice given to you from Sharon-Not a substitute for Medical Care 2018-05-07T18:02:44-06:00

Any advice given to you by Sharon in ANY session,  whether it be a “medical intuitive”   ” emotion code”  or “life coaching” session whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care or psychiatric care.   This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information given to you on this site or in any session obtained on this site is not intended to create any healthcare-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.


Emotion Code and Body Code-Results-Disclaimer 2019-09-03T10:26:42-06:00

As with any modality there are no guaranteed results.

Releasing trapped emotions using The Emotion Code-Body Code or any other type of Energy Healing practiced by Sharon Shores whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information given to you on this site or in any session obtained on this site is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.

Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.

Services Sharon Provides 2019-09-03T10:28:05-06:00

Sharon is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner-she provides Emotion Code Sessions.

She is also a Medical Intuitive and provides Medical Intuitive Services.

She provides Affirmative Prayer Sessions.

NOTE: The term “medical intuitive” is a widely applied term and does NOT imply -“medical” as in doctor etc.

Please refer to this disclaimer: Sharon is a conduit for healing. She is not the one doing the healing. Though it is not known how healing works there are many research studies supporting “medical intuitive” healing/psychic healing etc.






What is a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner? 2019-09-03T10:30:43-06:00

A Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner completes an intensive study in the “Emotion Code” (developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson) then must demonstrate proficiency by successfully completing a 100 question test and work with 26 human subjects and 4 animal subjects. Certification is awarded after completing these requirements.

A Certified Body Code Practitioner -is first certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner and then completes an extensive study  (study must be completed within 6 months of starting the program).  The applicant must complete all modules of the study, pass a 100+ test with 85% proficiency and submit at least 30 cases for review–before becoming Certified as a Body Code Practitioner.

Can I receive Sharon’s services via the Internet? 2019-09-03T10:31:47-06:00

Yes, all services provided by Sharon can be scheduled via the Internet-using Skype, Zoom Uber Conferencing or by phone. 99% of Sharon’s clients are by phone and or Internet.

How far in advance do I need to cancel an appointment? 2016-05-26T19:24:12-06:00

For all services Sharon maintains a 24 hour cancellation policy. She asks that you give  24 hours notice in the event you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment and she request full compensation if you fail to do so.

I already know I want to coach with Sharon-how do I start coaching? 2016-11-08T17:03:32-07:00

To schedule coaching with Sharon-visit this page https://sharonshores.com/contact/


What does a coaching session look like? 2016-10-28T11:10:07-06:00

Each coaching session is 60 minutes long. During that session Sharon touches base  with what is happening in your life. Second you and here talk more about your current situation and your goals. Third, then you explore challenges you are experiencing at the present time; challenges that may be preventing you from moving forward. Then together you and Sharon develop a plan of action.

What is Transformational life coaching? 2018-05-07T18:02:45-06:00

Transformational Life coaching is a process of helping a client identify their personal as well as professional goals; and then coaches guide their clients as they achieve the vision they’ve created for their life. Many life coaching certification trainings are limited to simply asking questions with their clients. However, the coaching that Sharon provides expands this to include working with spiritual principles and guiding clients toward the vision of their best life, as well as supporting clients in crossing the “gap of results” into the life they would love to be living.

What services does Sharon offer and what are her fees? 2018-05-07T18:02:46-06:00

Sharon’s Services include: 

Spiritual Guidance and Support Sessions-55 minute session Fee- $95 per session

Medical Intuitive Healing  $99

Emotion Code Session:  30 minute session   (The releasing of trapped emotions).   $40.00  each session

Transformational Life Coaching- $100 per hour -per person.  This includes 2 touch points (telephone call 10 minutes of you calling in and updating on progress).  Recommend one session per month with the two touch points. 6 month package available at a discount of 15% if paid in advance.

Payment is via PayPal, or direct check to Sharon PRIOR to rendering of services.



If I am late for the appointment/session will I still pay for the full appointment/session fee? 2016-04-17T13:53:19-06:00

Yes, this time has been reserved specifically for you.  Your appointment will end at the time that your appointment has been scheduled.  For example: If your appointment is scheduled for 10 am to 11 am and you arrive at 10:10 then the appointment begins then and ends at 11 am.

Prayer- Isn’t prayer free? So why am I paying a fee to see the practitioner? 2018-05-07T18:02:47-06:00

It is important to note that when a fee is involved, the charge is not for prayer; the charge is for the time spent with the practitioner, including consultation. As well you are paying for the time and energy that the practitioner has spent in training and education learning and applying spiritual principles in order to help their clients.

Prayer-I’m not really sure what I need, how to get started, or where this fits in my life. 2016-10-28T11:15:33-06:00

That’s completely understandable. If you are only recently exploring New Thought and the role it can play in your life and you have not found the answers you need Sharon would be pleased to provide some guidance. Send  her an email with your questions or concerns and She will respond with some suggestions and recommendations. You can reach her directly at  [email protected]

What else can you tell me about Spiritual Guidance Practitioners? 2019-09-03T10:34:03-06:00

Spiritual Guidance Practitioners are bound by a high code of ethics which includes: privacy, confidentiality and dedication to a life of spiritual service. They seek to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs and  believe in Divine Guidance. Please note: Practitioners are bound to legal reporting of certain situations such as elder abuse, child abuse and other situations according to each state requirements.

Sharon’s Study includes many areas of Spiritual Guidance and Support.

What is Affirmative Prayer? 2018-05-07T18:02:48-06:00

Affirmative Prayer is scientific in nature because it is based on a Spiritual Law that states what a person truly believes in their conscious and subconscious minds (not what they wish for or imagine) is what is made manifest in their daily lives. These conditions can be good or bad in nature, which is insignificant in the application of the Law – simply because thoughts combined with strong beliefs and feelings become things.

If someone wishes to change their circumstances, then they must change their position in, and use of, this Law. A Practitioner is trained to uncover false beliefs and replace them with spiritual truths of a positive, loving, and true nature.

The change of consciousness occurs within a person’s mind, not without – although the changes are demonstrated outwardly after the inner consciousness has been changed. Affirmative Prayer is not praying to or begging a man, a deity, or God to grant favor (petitioning prayer). Affirmative prayer involves connecting with the spirit of God within and asserting positive beliefs about the desired outcome.

What is a Spiritual Guidance and Support Session? 2018-05-07T18:02:49-06:00

A spiritual guidance and support session is a session of 55 minutes between a client and a Licensed Practitioner where, through a series of questions and statements, false beliefs are identified. False and negative beliefs often manifest themselves as unwanted conditions or circumstances.

Once the active false beliefs are identified, the Practitioner will helps to  raise the individual’s consciousness to recognize the truth through Affirmative Prayer. This helps change one’s consciousness with respect to a specific issue and the resulting changes are demonstrated outwardly through Spiritual Law.   A Spiritual Guidance and Support Session is not in any way related to, or similar to, psychological counseling or therapy sessions. It deals only with Spiritual Law. A session is always confidential, but is bound by all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to knowledge of criminal behavior. A session is 55 minutes long.

Practitioner Service: What Are the Principles Underlying Your Spiritual Practice? 2016-04-17T14:02:16-06:00

Sharon’s practice is based on the principles of the Science of Mind, defined on the Centers for Spiritual Living website as:

Science of Mind® (also referred to as Religious Science) is defined as the core teaching of Centers for Spiritual Living. Science of Mind is a philosophy that integrates spiritual truths with science and physics. Simply put, Science of Mind teaches the unity of all life. Intentions and ideas flow through a field of consciousness, which actually affects and creates the world around us. This idea is common to most major religions and is supported by the teachings of psychology and quantum physics. In Science of Mind, we believe that the secret to living a successful life is to consciously choose positive and productive thoughts. Put another way, “As you think, so you become.”

Fees for Services 2017-01-03T14:21:25-07:00

Spiritual Guidance and Support Sessions-55 minute session Fee- $75 per session

Medical Intuitive Session   $99

Emotion Code Session:  30 minute session   (The releasing of trapped emotions).   $45.00  each session

Payment is via PayPal, or direct check to Sharon PRIOR to rendering of services.

Fees/money are considered an exchange of energy.

Read first: Disclaimer 2018-05-07T18:02:50-06:00

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Sharon Shores and or Sharonshores.com present the entire contents of this website for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. In presenting this information, no attempt is being made to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, or apply medical, mental health or human development principles to provide diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.

Services provided by Sharon Shores are considered as spiritual guidance and support.

Any diagnosis, treatment or care of a person should be discussed with a physician.   The work is not intended to replace personal medical care from a licensed health care practitioner. Do not rely upon any information to replace consultations or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your own specific situation, including consultation, evaluation, or treatment.  Do not discontinue medications prescribed to you by your doctor. Do not make any changes in your medication without first consulting your doctor.

The work done with Sharon Shores and or SharonShores.com does not provide medical advice, diagnose illness, or in any way attempt to practice medicine. No cure is being offered.

How do I make an appointment? 2016-08-29T16:21:32-06:00

Use this link to schedule your appointment.

Medical Intuitive: Is there research to back up claims about psychic healing or medical intuitive healing?? 2018-05-07T18:02:52-06:00

Yes, there is a host of reputable scientific research that illustrates the effectiveness of psychic distance healing.  To learn more, please click on the following links:

The Science Behind Distant Healing

The Healing Trust

Can you work on my relatives or loved ones? 2018-05-07T18:02:53-06:00

Yes, Sharon can work on your relatives or loved ones.  Where ever  permission is required it can be given verbally over the phone, in person or via email.

Affirmative Prayer-Permission is required.

Medical Intuitive:  Yes I can work on them. Permission is not required but preferred.

Emotion Code and Heart Wall Work: Permission is required

Coaching-Sharon would work directly with them as a client.

What can I do as a client to accelerate my own progress as I work with Sharon? 2018-05-07T18:02:55-06:00

“Disease” is dis-ease. Sharon encourages her clients to maintain a healthy diet, consider meditation and to release past hurts and anger.

What methods or techniques do you use to heal? 2018-05-07T18:02:55-06:00

Sharon arranges a 30 minute telephone or Skype call with the client. This call is focused on obtaining some basic information.   Then Sharon spends time each day for 15 days working in a meditative state, similar to Edgar Cayce’s method, and using mind techniques and healing energy of the quantum field, from there the body is programmed for optimum health. These sessions are typically 5-10 minutes long over a 10 day period –this is anywhere from 75 minutes to 150 minutes over the 15 days period.  Remote healing and psychic healing are time-tested, proven, and effective techniques to help with various conditions, all from a distance.

How is it possible to see what is going on with person without even seeing the client? 2015-11-25T10:59:18-07:00

We are all energy and medical intuitive have a gift of being able to see the energies or lack of energy in various parts of the body; even from a distance.

Do I have to believe it will work in order for it to be effective? 2015-11-25T10:58:35-07:00

Healthy skepticism is not a deterrent, a desire for healing, a sense of openness, and surrender to the healing process are essential. On-going skepticism, once the process is underway, usually indicates an incompatibility with this form of healing.

I am under the care of a physician; should I discontinue my medications etc. while receiving this type of healing? 2015-11-25T10:57:13-07:00

No, any changes in your current treatment including medications needs to be discussed with your physician and/or health care provider.   Remember this is NOT considered medical care. It is spiritual guidance

Can you heal my condition? 2015-11-25T10:55:14-07:00

There are no guarantees and to promise anything would be irresponsible.

As a Medical Intuitive, can you diagnose me? 2015-11-25T10:54:28-07:00

No, it would be illegal for me to do so. Only a licensed medical professional can make medical diagnoses. All medical questions need to be directed to your medical professional.

How does a “medical intuitive” heal others? 2018-05-07T18:02:56-06:00

The exact method is not known, but here is how great healers of the past described it: “Energy from the Universal Field of energy becomes available to the healer through the act of turning his or her personal energy field to a harmonious relationship with the Universal Field of Energy—he/she acts in this way as a conductor between the Universal Field of Energy and the person.—Olga and Ambrose Worrall

What is a Medical Intuitive? 2018-05-07T18:02:57-06:00

A medical intuitive is a person who is naturally gifted and/or who has studied and honed their intuitive abilities in order to assess the underlying causes of illness, chronic conditions and emotional issues of the human body.

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