People Are Asking for Wisdom & Guidance-Perhaps YOUR wisdom & guidance!

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People Are Asking for Wisdom and Guidance-Perhaps YOUR wisdom and guidance!  Raise the Energy and the Vibration of Love!  Part One

People are crying out for help!
People need support, guidance and love!  Many people are struggling and do not have answers.   Suicide rates are climbing higher than they have been before. (     People are looking for answers and support!  They want to be heard and many feel like no one is listening!  They are looking for hope in a world that appears not to be able to give it!   People of all ages are looking for hope and guidance.

Something you may not know about me

Over the past 5 + years I’ve answered over 5,000 questions on Yahoo Answers. (You will not find me by name-I use a pseudo-name).   In addition I answer many questions on

Most of the questions have to do with self and personal development.   Many of these questions I’ve answered have given people hope!    A few of the answers have even prevented someone from taking their own life!  How do I know?   Some of them have responded saying that the answers have helped and have stopped them from taking their life.  I am not telling you this to toot my own horn…I am sharing this with you because I believe that many more people are needed to help change the world!! And you are one of them!!

Many of you already give love, wisdom and guidance to other just by the way you live your lives!  Kudos!  AND Thank you for this!!   This article is to encourage you to consider to just a bit more!!  Perhaps simply by sharing this article with another and encouraging others!

The World we Live In

We are in a day and age where there is lack of wisdom, guidance and discernment and the traditional sources of wisdom have changed! Traditional sources such as extended families are less and less communicative and supportive. We live in a rapidly paced society which takes us away from our own internal guidance systems of wisdom.

Other changes:  The foundation of religion has changed and people are seeking more and more spirituality in their paths and having difficult in finding a path. The education process no longer teaches community and social responsibility – civics and home economics classes are no longer taught in most schools. This I believe has added to the “disconnection” that many feel.

In my opinion the long term effects of not teaching these classes leads to disengagement of community as well as self.  Perhaps even leading to a “fragmentation of self” and/or “a disconnection from others”.  I believe this is one of the reasons we are seeing larger numbers of mental health issues and or suicides.

In addition, some societies have moved away from self/personal-responsibility to a blaming and victim mentality. ( ) ( )   This contributes to more isolation and as well less connectivity to community!.

So why am I writing about this?
Because I believe it CAN be changed!  I believe there are more people out there willing to give hope!  I am encouraging those who are willing to take a few minutes one or two times a week to give others hope!

I believe in action…not simply “wanting” to do something or “wishing” things would change.  There is wisdom that you have that I do not have and that wisdom can be shared with others!!

HOWEVER, allow me give you a heads up and some IMPORTANT guidelines. ( More guidelines to follow in a near future blog).

Are you on a journey of self-discovery and  personal development?  If you are NOT on a journey of personal discovery and self- development – do NOT go down this path and think you can help others.  Perhaps  the last book you read and applied was in high school then PLEASE do not even consider this.

Ask : Am I coming from a place of “I know better than you”?  Then do NOT go down this path.  Are you coming from a place of judgement about others and where the “should” be?  Then do NOT go down this path!

If you think that it’s all about me…it’s not!  It’s about how you and me and how we can help humanity!  I always get still and ask for wisdom and guidance from a source greater than me before I answer a question!  (AND I sought wisdom and guidance from my Higher Source before writing this article).

How do you know if you are ready?? Start with those questions/comments above …and coming soon  in my next article/blog I will explore the qualities I think you need in order to consider doing this…..and then you can decide if you are ready.  (And I am open to ideas that you have found that work!!)  Feel free to email me at Subject line:  Ideas

And if you are not ready to answer forum questions I will include tips on simple encouragement of others!  EVERY little bit helps to raise the energy of love!

All the best!  Much love to all!
Sharon Shores

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