Maintaining Sanity in a Chaotic World-Ten Ways to Stay in Balance!

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Keeping ourselves balanced during challenging times….. can be difficult!   Sometimes it may feel like you are on the roller coaster of life and you weren’t even asked to get on the roller coaster.  You just “happened” to grab the handle bar and are holding on for dear life!   Many people feel this chaotic ride in the form of anxiety, fear, worry and sometimes it leads to frustration, depression and even anger!   These unexpressed emotions can create bouts of illness/disease etc.

The news seems to portray the worst in life….So how does one keep an emotional balance in their life when the news is portraying death, destruction, etc. etc.?

TEN WAYS to Keep Balance:

#1.  Control Thinking I choose to control my thinking and what I choose to focus on!   News is NOT a part of my daily intake!  Do I watch it occasionally?  Yes–but I do not allow it to control how I feel! I have recognized we are energetic beings CREATING our lives through our thoughts!

#2.  Look for the Good– I choose to look and see the GOOD in humanity!  My Facebook posts are mostly about the GOOD–the love, the greatness in humans and not repeats of the tragedies etc.  What we focus on grows and what we resist – persists!

#3.  Meditation– EVERY morning I spend time in quiet meditation –even on busy days –when it is about 10 minutes –on less busy days it can be 30 minutes or more.   Thousands of studies have shown that quieting the mind clears thinking and has many health benefits.

#4. Spiritual Being– I choose to look at life from the perspective that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience. Thank you Pierre Teilhard de Chardin!

#5. Nature – I choose to break away from technology and get out in nature!   It could be a short bike ride or a long hike! Being in nature is regenerative and provides me with a great reminder of the never ending cycle of life!

#6.  Perspective- I am reminded daily by a poster I have hanging in my office of the immensity of our Universe!  The poster is a picture of our Milky Way surrounded by an infinite number of galaxies–and near the edge of the Milky Way is a very, very small pinpoint –that is enlarged on poster that says “You are here”.   This helps me put my life in perspective when challenges appear.   (To view the poster click here: )

#7. Choice of Words– I choose my words carefully – when I am having what appears to be a “problem” – I choose to call it a “challenge” instead.  Just the choice of the word –puts a different more positive context to the issue!  Look up the origin of both words and you will understand the difference in the words.

#8. Gratitude –   Gratitude is a choice and it a door that opens other doors.  Great wisdom writers say that to be grateful in “all” things and that when you are grateful in all things more things will be given.  I express gratitude in my life daily!

#9. Vision – I have a written vision of my life, my goals, my dreams etc. It includes all areas of my life – family, friends, mental, physical etc.!   I believe having a vision for your life written down and reviewed frequently keeps one focused on the possibilities rather than the limitations! One of the great books states: “Where this is not vision, the people perish”.

#10. Health – Exercise -I do the Royal Canadian Air Force XBX exercises daily- they are simple easy and take about 15 minutes and note these are the same exercises that the Air Force Academy cadets perform daily.   Plus I enjoy hiking, biking, golfing and kayaking!   Nutrition – I focus on food that are energetically supporting of my body rather than draining!   Great health is the foundation of everything!

CONCLUSION:  So if you are finding yourself out of balance and reacting to the appearances of chaos in the world –take a look at what areas of your life you can improve on.  Make changes slowly –take one or two areas and make positive changes!   Have patience with yourself and give yourself grace and ease!  Release any judgement about how changes “should” look and move forward!

If you are feeling stuck and need help – consider working with a coach.  I am here!



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