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Looking for your email confirmation or reminder? Make sure to check you junk mail after scheduling your first appointment. PLEASE RETAIN YOUR CONFIRMATION and your Password  – you will need the confirmation if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

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Emotion Code Session is 30 minutes long.
Preparation for the call: be well hydrated and in a quite place.
Sharon will call you at your appointment time.
$40 per session – paid at the time of booking.

BODY CODE SESSION (ONE SESSION) (40-45 minutes) $80 (paid at the time of booking)

NOTE: Body Code Sessions are GENERALLY recommended as a SERIES of 6 session.  Occasionally I’ve had the request for individual session.

For CHRONIC diseases such as Fibromyalgia, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Chronic Lung Disease, Heart Disease, MS, and many other diseases it is  recommended you invest in the 6 Sessions.


The series of 6 Sessions includes a pre and post assessment of change –at total of 40-45 minutes EACH session.   Body Code Series of 6 Sessions is recommended for those with CHRONIC long term illnesses –such as those listed above –plus many others including autoimmune disorders, mental and emotional disorders.  Body Code Series of 6 sessions is a $480 investment. Sessions are approximately 3 days apart-no weekend sessions.  (paid at the time of booking).


Transformation Coaching Sessions are 55 minutes long.
$100 per session – paid at the time of booking.

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