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Transformational Life Coaching Testimony from Carrie: “Sharon has an innate, intuitive sense of what those she coaches truly need!  She balances so many finely tuned qualities- attention to detail, integrity, keen perceptions-  where she can easily pinpoint what is needed to inspire and motivate others so that they understand, then reach, their highest purpose and life path. Simply put, she is a phenomenal coach!”
Transformational Life Coaching -Carrie U.
Transformational Life Coaching Testimony from Anita. ” Thank you! You were 100% present and focused on what’s going on with me. Having been a counselor with many years of training under my belt I have a very deep appreciation of that. It is so important. And it seems so simple (and actually is), yet very, very few professional counselors and coaches ever reach the point where they can do that.”
Transformational Life Coaching -Anita
Transformational Life Coaching Testimonial from Kathy B. “Whenever I am feeling a sense of overwhelm and like I am spinning my wheels, I know it’s time to schedule a session with Sharon.  With such a diverse background and intuitive skills, she quickly helps me to be sure that where I am headed is in alignment with my purpose and mission.  She keeps me focused and on purpose. No wasted action.  She’s a master connector, and uncovers ways of leveraging what I am doing so I can make the most of my time.  The action plans we create are designed for quick traction that can be implemented amidst my crazy schedule.  I highly and whole-heartedly recommend Sharon to anyone seeking personal or professional coaching that sings to your heart.”
Transformational Life Coaching-Kathy B.
Transformational Life Coaching Testimony from A.W. “Thank you so much for our healing session today, I came in feeling lost, panicked and  feeling like I had no control over my business results and other constraints.   I was in complete survival mode and had the tears to prove it. After my session with Sharon, I felt sense of hope, happiness and feeling like the glass is half full as opposed to half empty, I am now looking at ways to reach my targets, rather than letting the enormity of the situation consume me. As a result of our session it moved me out of survival mode into the realm of Infinite Possibilities! Sharon has a natural gift for healing and I am so blessed to have met her.  I highly recommend her!”
Transformational Life Coaching -A. W.
Affirmative Prayer-Practitioner Session Testimony from Laurie: “I had the opportunity to work with Sharon. I sought her out specifically because of her intuition and understanding of applying spiritual principles to manifest outcomes. I shared with her about my ongoing, worsening pain. I was in pain constantly, even during simple day to day activities of walking or resting. I feared that I would end up on medical disability unable to work. I will always recall Sharon saying to me, “Are you ready to release this pain? Because when I start praying, it’s going to disappear.” Within the first month, my joint pain was easing up. Within 3 months, I was jogging on a treadmill. At the end of 5 months, I was off 4 prescription medications and feeling better with more energy and less discomfort than I had experienced in years. The pain has not returned. I sincerely appreciate the sincerity and faith of Sharon’s service and prayer work in working with others.”
Affirmative Prayer-Practitioner Session -Laurie H.
Healing: The ‘Emotion Code’ healing modality, as practiced by Sharon Shores, works. I’ve been plagued by feelings of failure and shame, both consciously and subconsciously. These feelings would manifest themselves in several self-destructive behaviors, e.g., compulsive eating, having limited control over alcohol consumption or anything else that would give me temporarily relief from my negative thoughts. I’ve worked with other modalities over the years, e.g., Creative Visualization, Affirmations, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Psych K, and a form of Applied Kinesiology to clear blocks. None of which worked.
After my first session with Sharon, these compulsive behaviors VANISHED and were replaced with an inner peace that I have no recollection of feeling before. I noticed the beauty of nature more often throughout the following days, and more importantly, I felt feelings on gratitude for many areas of my live that are positive, and not constantly wishing things were different I can’t thank you enough, Sharon, for giving me my life back. I hope this review influences others to contact Sharon and experience the profound changes this can make in your life.
Emotion Code Session -Denver Business Owner, Al
July 2017 -WOW! Here’s what I’ve experienced as a result of my session with Sharon. My procrastination as taken a vacation! Instead of procrastinating I think of lots of things to do like organizing my cabinets and shelves! Even my thinking is more logical-meaning words seem to be chosen easier. As a result I have better conversations and I am SO much more relaxed.

When I recall the work we did together, the actual words Sharon said and the emotions she identified were very accurate. At the time I had no real idea of how I would be impacted in so many positive ways. The reason I scheduled the session was that I was a mess with conflict, opinions and hot attitudes. Now, all is smooth and amazingly wonderful! Patricia C. L. Business Woman, New Hampshire

Emotion Code Session -Business Owner-Procrastination
July -A short time ago I moved to Missouri and spoke to Sharon on the phone about the recurring pain I’ve had for several years. At that time she was becoming a Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner and that she could do a session over the phone that would help get rid of the pain.
The process and results were amazing! Sharon was able to locate the trapped/blocked emotions that were causing the pain and was even able to track it back to the time when the emotion first occurred. These trapped/blocked emotions were from an event that happened over 25 years ago! This was an event that consciously I thought I had worked through the emotions associated with the event. Sharon then went through a brief process of releasing these trapped/blocked emotions. She then worked to identify a few more emotions and released those. It’s been amazing! Today I am pain free (even after a month) and feel much better than I have in years! I recommend an Emotion Code session from Sharon Shores for anyone who is in pain and hasn’t been able to get rid of it. She can do these sessions by phone or in person!
Emotion Code Session -Gary Patton, Insurance Agent
August 2017 I’m coming alive! I have received about 4 treatments in 6 months from Sharon and my life is changing slowly, but dramatically! Previously, I was trapped in a cycle of financial fear, social isolation, severe chronic allergies, depression and hopelessness. Try as I might, nothing seemed to improve or change my situation for many, many years. I felt exhausted and depleted from the struggle and the only strength I had left I used to barely survive. I worked to feel more peaceful about my death, since I seemed to be headed that way. Thankfully, since my first treatment with Sharon, opportunities are appearing in my life to lead me, and release me, toward health and living. I am coming alive in every area that had been trapped for so many years! Thank you Sharon for your work to uncover your gifts of true healing and sharing your gifts with all of us! D.L.C.

Emotion Code Session Business Owner
“Working with Sharon was possibly one of the best choices I have ever made in my lifetime. I did not know what I was capable of and had no idea of the potential I have. I am so happy with myself. My life overall has become more fruitful in every way. Breaking boundaries that I did not even know existed; I have a whole new world of opportunity and freedom. I now understand the value of ME. I am so thankful for all of the time Sharon spent with me. I would recommend highly to anyone who is willing to be the person they always dreamed of being. ” Danyul Jones
Coaching-Results-Danyul Jones
Sharon is an amazing medical intuitive. Never would I have imagine the following to happen. My mom is suffering from what we think to be pancreatic cancer. I asked Sharon to remotely work with her, as mom (who’s almost 100) claims to not believe in alternative medicine. Sharon worked with her for a bit, got back to me with what she had felt were mom’s issues-and they were all spot on things about mom that Sharon could not have known.

What is so amazing is that I had always been told energy workers are to verbally ask permission of patients to access their personal information, as well as asking to provide healing. In this case, Sharon spoke with mom subconsciously, mom replied positively in the same way, and the healing process started immediately. While I personally did not believe face-to-face communication needed to happen between patient and healer, this was the first and only time I’ve seen it done otherwise.

Medical Intuitive-Healing-Emotion Code work-Allen C. Littleton, CO
“I cannot recommend Sharon more highly, she is a special individual in so many ways, and the gifts she brings to this world always blow me away.

I have been working with Sharon on Intuitive healing for a couple of years now, she is my go-to person; and to say she is AMAZING at helping an individual remove emotional blocks would be an understatement, she is by definition a natural healer, both emotionally, physically and mentally. Her insights into situations always marvel me as she will always bring such clarity and calmness to her coaching and healing sessions.

I had to share this recent story, my 10 year old kittie- Mimi, had fallen gravely ill, I had been in and out of the vets several times over 4 weeks, trying to figure out why she was not eating; drinking excessive amounts of water and unable to hold any food down in her stomach, and just hid for days. To my dismay she was diagnosed with type II Diabetes and would be reliant on 2 shots insulin every 12 hours for the rest of living days, I was beside myself with sadness, grief and anxiety; one, because the injections were a nightmare to administer and secondly, what quality of life was this for Mimi. It got so bad, I knew there had to be another way, so I called Sharon and after her remote release session, within 7 hours that followed, Mimi was eating and happy again, and no longer reliant on the insulin shots.
All I can say is Miracle worker, I am sooooo very thankful God blessed me with this AMAZING woman in my life… Sharon I will love you forever, Thank you :)” G.C. Executive Business Woman and “Mimi

Emotion Code Work-Cat and Owner
I want to tell you about the changes I have experienced since your amazing healing sessions with me.

So firstly, as you know for the last 4 years I have suffered from weekly and if I’m lucky monthly debilitating migraines, where my life would literally stand still for the duration of the attack which could last anywhere from 9 hours to 24 hours, occasionally a hospital visit would ensure due to the pain and vomiting that followed.

My triggers for migraine could be from a simple over thinking/stress to change in weather, I even have the migraine weather app on my phone, so I can plan my work day around a potential attack.

Well here is where the miracle of your healing work shows up, it’s been 3 months since the session and I haven’t had a single migraine attack. As you know I have been under some personal changes that before would have brought several on, along with our weather changes, I’m still migraine free and I can’t thank you enough !
I recommend anyone suffering with pain to see Sharon, she connects with heart and is super gifted I’m living proof of it.

Ps: my kittie Mimi is still diabetes free following your healing session on her in May 2016.
Wow is all I can say, you are AMAZING.
Love you xox G.C. Executive Business Woman and “Mimi

Emotion Code Migraine Headaches
75 year old female dealing with chronic back pain for years! “I’ve dealt with this pain for years! During the first session Sharon was able to identify emotions and release them AND the back pain went away! Occasionally I have “some” pain, but not nearly as much or as often as I did before! The process and Sharon’s skills are amazing! Thank you Sharon!”
Emotion Code-Chronic Back Pain
“I had a wonderful session to release many emotions. I went through the process of releasing each and every emotion. Immediately afterwards I felt light. It felt like I had lost a lot of weight. I was euphoric for the rest of the evening and woke up feel refreshed and still light. I would recommend this process to anyone who would like to become in closer touch with them self.”
Emotion Code, Sonja L. Denver, CO
Sharon has been amazing in helping me to work through the emotions of grief surrounding my son’s unexpected passing. Sharon is sensitive and absolutely on target with the process she uses to identify specific emotions and then with a simple technique release the identified emotions. Some emotions we are aware of but most emotions we are not even consciously aware of them and they greatly impact our daily lives.
She has also been able to help my husband who has Parkinson’s disease Sharon has been able to target specific ages at which events in Alan’s life have created emotional blockages. As well she has been able to identify emotions from 2nd and 3rd generations back which have prevented Alan becoming the person he was created to be.
Not only is she able to identify specific emotions she is able to start the process to release these emotions. Even to the point of releasing physical pain. Over one session Sharon was able to take Alan’s back pain from a 7 on a scale of 1-10 down to a 0. She has also been able to identify and start to release some the spiritual roots of his Parkinson’s. Her wisdom, guidance and skills are truly a gift!
I believe we are created to live in joy, and peace each day. If you are feeling burdened, struggling with negative emotions or even if you cannot pinpoint what is off base I strongly recommend working with Sharon. The results are amazing!!
Emotion Code- J.L. Business woman, Denver, CO
Sharon is an amazing healer/coach. She is highly intuitive, bringing to the forefront, at times, emotions I was not even aware of and has helped to heal negative patterns of 40 years. She has made the process seem easy and safe, and has helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life.. I would recommend Sharon to anyone wanting transformation and/or healing. Marti (December 2017)

Emotion Code and Coaching
Dec. 2017 Almost immediately I felt SO content, relieved, happy and motivated—more so than at any other time that I can remember! It was like a weight was lifted off of my brain!! (Note some of these emotions the client had carried since childhood). 45+ years!
Emotion Code- Business man

June 2019-Reason for session: long term depression.  (Note:  I always follow up with clients post their session-here’s her response.).

Changes? YES!  There have been many and very profound! I am so very grateful for this / your work – thank you !! First off after the session there was a sweetness running through my bones that I had never felt but felt like I had wanted to feel all my life. That sweetness was divine. That was the first day the second day I got triggered and the rage was intense I did the exercise to release anger. I did go into the despair but not as deep as usual and  was prevented by a conversation and a person standing for me – saying stay with divine mind stay with divine mind not with the small human mind.  Now I feel the love of being here more and feel my ancestors who are in a way saying go on keep on living for us too- which is nice as I have blocked them a lot.

Though I had glimpses of that life time of where the hurt came in deep but it doesn’t matter now as I am happy to have released it and I have moved into a seeing frequency that is much lighter and happier and freer-thank you!!

Now I am here Thursday night and finally I am coming out of the valley I have been walking through these last years.–So that 40 mins session did so much I am very moved!!!!   I am so deeply grateful

So the experience that I received in that session will stay with me—it’s that sweetness that I felt running through my bones – and I am thinking- what is possible for us all if we release the drama we have become addicted to?

Body Code -58 year young female

March 2019-  Testimonial:  I feel VERY fortunate to have found Sharon. She is a RARE gem. She authentically wants to help you heal. She caught my thyroid issues and has been very accurate with everything that has been going on emotionally. It is very rare to find people like her who are real and accurate as well as caring. Thank God for people like Sharon. I am now healing. ” – Saba T. Publisher, Mentor, Award Winning Best-Selling Author & Former Huffington Post Contributor 3/15/2019

Medical Intuitive Work-Body Code
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