Invest 4.167% of Your Day in Your Health! The 4.167% Challenge

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The 4.167% Challenge

We all have 24 hours in a day and in the 24 hours we have 1440 minutes!  How much of that time do you invest in work?  Getting ready for work? Working?  Let’s say that is 10 hours – that is close to 43% of your day!!   How much of that time do you invest in your health? Getting you ready for the day?  If you are like most of us it is very little to no time is spent getting ready for the day and devoted to starting our day(s) off on the right path! 

I’d like to propose that we take 4.167% of our day to prepare ourselves for the day and to set our path to great health!!   Beside the good nutrition (which I believe is an absolute  must) there are other things one can do to invest in him/herself to create a vibrant beautiful day and if these are done daily will translate into a more vibrant life!!

Take 4.167% of the day, just ONE hour the first thing in the morning and set aside these four time frames. This still leaves you 95.83% of your day!   This one hour used with these four actions will set the tone for the rest of the day and then when accumulated will set the tone for your life!

First set your alarm to get up one hour earlier – yes one hour earlier!   Do these items in these time frames in the order recommended.   Yes, there is a reason for the order!!

Set Timer for the first 15 minutes – The first 15 minutes is a time for prayer and gratitude.     A state of gratitude for all that is opens the door for more opportunities.  Over 40 research studies on gratitude indicates that gratitude changes one’s life in all areas; including social, financial, personality, career  and health.   Gratitude can be incorporated into prayer as a prayer of thanksgiving.     The type of prayer I am recommending is the affirmative type of prayer; not the prayer of begging and beseeching God to do something for us but the prayer of thanksgiving and asking for wisdom, guidance and discernment for your day!  Adding gratitude and prayer into your life will give you many many health benefits!!

Your Second 15 Minutes – The second 15 minutes is 15 minutes of meditation.  Yes, meditation.  If you have not meditated before this – no worries.   Find a 15 minute guided meditation on You Tube and meditate.  Guided meditation is a good way to start –rather than trying to start out with silent meditation.   For beginners guided meditation helps you to stay focused for 15 minutes.     Literally thousands of studies have been done confirming the benefits of meditation – even when doing meditation for 15 minutes a day!!    I have placed meditation second as it follows well with the quiet time you are spending in gratitude and prayer. 

Your Next 20 Minutes – I have placed this next item as number three for a reason –the reason is so that you will not be tempted to “skip” this one.   This is 20 minutes of walking – whether that be outside or on a treadmill –20 minutes of brisk walking.  American Academy of Sport Physicians recommends that we engage in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity 5 days per week OR engage in 20-minutes of vigorous activity 3 days per week.

Your last 10 Minutes – This last 10 minutes is creating your day using visualization!  How do you want your day to go?   There is more evidence for than against why using visualization helps to create success in your day!  Athletes of all kinds have used this for centuries to ensure success in their field of expertise –whether it is tennis or snowboarding!  What you imagine in your mind will help attract exactly that to your day!  So imagine interactions as being positive!  See someone who is normally cantankerous as being friendly!   See yourself as loving your day and doing great work!  See yourself being appreciated and in turn appreciating others!  

So there you have it!   The 4.167% Challenge -Are you willing to get up an hour earlier to devote time for YOU?  It’s only 4.176% of your day but it has the potential to make the remainder of the 95.83% of your day –FANTASTIC!!   Do you feel like you cannot get up an hour earlier??     Then start with 30 minutes earlier – and break it down –7 ½ minutes, 7 ½ minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes~!   Just begin!!! 

Begin it today and share your results and insights to my Facebook page.

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