Dealing with Chronic Pain?

//Dealing with Chronic Pain?

Imagine being in pain that never goes away or maybe just eases for a few hours.  Chronic pain is just that-a lingering gnawing, energy draining pain(s) that saps your energy and your life!  Chronic pain impacts every area of your life!!

The Impact of Chronic Pain

When chronic pain is untreated it can have a profound effect on your life!  Chronic pain, perhaps a diagnosis including arthritis, back pain, and/or recurring migraines, can have a profound effect on your day to day life as well as your general health.  You may become irritable, short-tempered, and impatient. Chronic pain impacts your general health through decreased activity-potentially leading to obesity and another whole list of problems.    Chronic Pain

Constant pain drains energy and focus from other areas of your life such as less ability to focus, sapping of motivation and drive.   In addition there are changes in your ability to deal with stressful situations.  Constant pain  even impacts your emotional states potentially leading to depression-like symptoms: lack of interpersonal interaction, difficulty concentrating on simple tasks, and the desire to simplify your life as much as possible.  This then leads to seeking isolation and quiet.  This seeking isolation and quiet then leads to limited social contact which in turn has the potential to impact health and well-being.

Changes in Your Brain

It has been discovered that chronic pain can affect your brain chemistry and even changes the wiring of your nervous system. Cells in the spinal cord and brain deteriorate more quickly than normal; exacerbating many of the depression-like symptoms as well as new cell growth is prevented!  Chronic Pain Effects Memory

With this deterioration it becomes physically more difficult for you to process multiple things at once and react to ongoing changes in their environment, limiting your ability to focus even more. Sleep becomes difficult because the section of the brain that regulates sense-data also regulates the sleep cycle. This becomes a vicious cycle as this regulator in the brain becomes smaller from reacting to the pain, making falling asleep more difficult. Lack of sleep then leads to decreased activity and lower quality of life.

As part of this rewiring of the brain chronic pain contributes to chemical changes related to anxiety and depression. Because of the chronic pain, the brain rewires itself to anticipate future bouts, which makes you constantly wary and causes significant anxiety related to pain. Because chronic pain often imitates depression by altering your brain, your brain then reacts to more discomfort and pain. This leads to a vicious cycle of  chronic pain leading to a feeling of hopelessness and then makes it more difficult to process future pain in a healthy way.  It’s a well-known fact that roughly one third of patients with chronic pain develop depression at some point during their lifetime.

Possible Solution

Untreated pain creates a downward spiral of chronic pain symptoms, so it is always best to treat pain early and avoid chronic pain.   That being said; the Emotion Code is a potential way to possibly relieve some of the pain.  While chronic pain is many times associated with injury it can also be associated and or exacerbated if there are trapped emotions and since we are human chances are there ARE many trapped emotions in your body! If this article is speaking to you –consider booking an Emotion Code Session!

As a Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner I’ve had success in helping people relieve much of their chronic pain and at times all of it!  Do not allow chronic pain to control your life!      Check out the testimonials on this page—and then consider booking an emotion code session!  Testimonials

Note: Each person is unique and there are no absolute guarantees-nearly all have found the investment worthwhile!   It is possible that one session will relieve the pain-that being said if the pain has been there for quite some time-it may require several sessions.


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