What is a Spiritual Guidance and Support Session?

/What is a Spiritual Guidance and Support Session?

A spiritual guidance and support session is a session of 55 minutes between a client and a Licensed Practitioner where, through a series of questions and statements, false beliefs are identified. False and negative beliefs often manifest themselves as unwanted conditions or circumstances.

Once the active false beliefs are identified, the Practitioner will helps to  raise the individual’s consciousness to recognize the truth through Affirmative Prayer. This helps change one’s consciousness with respect to a specific issue and the resulting changes are demonstrated outwardly through Spiritual Law.   A Spiritual Guidance and Support Session is not in any way related to, or similar to, psychological counseling or therapy sessions. It deals only with Spiritual Law. A session is always confidential, but is bound by all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to knowledge of criminal behavior. A session is 55 minutes long.

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