How Many Emotion Code Sessions do I need?

/How Many Emotion Code Sessions do I need?

During one session we can release 10 to 15 emotions.  Result vary with each person.  A single session will be effective and allow you to experience the results of this work.   Typically I recommend 3-5 sessions or at the very least consider a once a month maintenance session.

Here is why: Each day we think 60,000  to 70,000 thoughts a day!  Most of them are negative!  So you can imagine how many trapped emotions the average person has in their body.  Let’s take the average of 65,000 thoughts per day  times 365 days -that equals 23, 725,000 thoughts JUST in one year!  Since many of these thoughts are negative – emotions get attached to them!!  These emotions then become extra emotional baggage in your life and will interfere with your sense of joy, perhaps your work and could potentially lead to imbalances in your body.

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