Wow!  It’s December!  The next year is around the corner.   How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? What  happened to the resolutions made January 1, 2016?  Some of these resolutions are related to our goals and dreams.  Are they now a thing of the long ago past?  Each year about 45 percent of us make New Years’ resolutions. We make them with good intentions, and we start off with a bang at the beginning of the year, fully expecting our resolutions to be fulfilled! Yet only 8 percent of people actually reach success in achieving those resolutions.  Source:

The intent of this article is not to make us feel bad about falling off the path of our resolutions, but to instead focus on getting back on track-even if January 1, 2016  seems like a long time ago AND 2017 January 1 is just around the corner!   First we must explore why we may have gotten off track! By exploring why we may have gotten off track we can improve our chances of being successful in 2017!

Three Reasons Why We Possibly Fail with our Resolutions/Goals/Dreams (with a 4th lurking in the Background)

Why do so many of us fail?

  1. Perhaps the novelty wears off.  Novelty is a human drive  We many times base our decisions on the “I need to’s” or the “I should do this or that” without really thinking about the real reason we are doing it.
  2. Perhaps procrastination sets in. Procrastination dwindles our motivation.   Procrastination-Is it Holding You Back?
  3.  Perhaps we get bored and discouraged?  We live in an instant gratification world and we forget that the little choice we make each day contribute greatly to the larger goal.   In other words we fail to realize that  it’s about the small choices we make each day that make a difference.

As both a person who has experience all of the above at one time or another and as a life coach, what I have found is there may be a 4th reason why we fail at achieving our New Year’s resolutions/Goals/Dreams.

The 4th Reason Why we Possibly Fail at our Resolutions/Goals/Dreams

This  reason is because there is a disconnect between what we say we want and what the patterns that have been in our brains for so long are telling us.

Imagine a huge magnet that draws us back to the familiar rather than pushing us toward our resolutions/goals and or dreams.  Unless we find a way to break the pattern in our subconscious mind we will fall into the patterns of novelty thinking, procrastination, boredom discouragement and all kinds of other negative thoughts and beliefs that will keep us where we are—never moving forward, let alone reaching, our goal. In other words-habit takes over because the draw to the familiar is greater than the change we are aiming toward.  The familiar then arrives dressed up as the “Famous Four”:  Novelty gone, procrastination, discouragement and boredom.

3 Steps to Change the Pattern

  1.  The first step toward changing this pattern is to become aware of the messages we tell ourselves and to get to the root belief that is held in our minds. As we monitor our thoughts we become more aware of the messages we are sending to our brains. Start by paying attention to what you are telling you!  Monitor your thoughts!   Start with doing this for one minute, then gradually increase the time. As you begin to monitor your thoughts you will begin to identify the underlying beliefs and patterns.
  2. The second step is to begin to identify the specific beliefs and patterns that you have adopted. To start this process on your own I recommend you begin by taking out a piece of paper and writing  down your thoughts on your beliefs about what you can accomplish. Ask yourself some of these questions: “Where does this belief come from?” “Is this truly my belief?” “Does this belief really belong to me or have I adopted it from someone else-i.e. parent, partner etc.” Once you begin to uncover the source or origination of these beliefs –that is when you can begin to change them!
  3. The third step is to consider getting some help.  The stats show the results only 8% of people who set resolutions/goals are successful resolution keepers.   And research on coaching show that there is a correlation between coaching and success.  ( Coaching Research ).  So these are the times when we  someone to assist us in uncovering those thoughts or beliefs. A life coach can help with this process.+

Begin your change TODAY!  No matter how much time has gone by begin again today! Set those new goals for 2017!   First: Monitor your thoughts  Second:  Identify specific beliefs and patterns and Third: Consider getting some help.   Reset those resolutions, goals and dreams toward success!  Here’s to a GREAT 2017!

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