Do you have to be a Christian to use the Emotion Code/Body Code?

/Do you have to be a Christian to use the Emotion Code/Body Code?

Do You Have to be a Christian to Use The Emotion/Body Code?

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are non-denominational healing methods. We do not require that our students or certification applicants are Christian or have any other particular religious beliefs.

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are certainly available to be used by people in all walks of life. None of our materials state anything about religious requirements, although I do share some of my own spiritual experiences and the form of prayer that has worked for me, as a suggestion.

As a Christian myself, I have gotten my answers to prayer by asking for help from God, and by praying in the name of Jesus Christ. Many of our Christian students and practitioners are vocal about combining their faith with this work. But do you have to be Christian for these methods to work? No.

We always recommend that people pray to the Creator or higher power, whoever they believe that higher power to be, before beginning a session. The reason for this is that the highest duty of the healer is to act as an instrument in the hands of that higher power, to heal that person you are trying to help. This goes a long way toward ensuring that the answers received are as accurate as possible.

Christians will choose to pray in the name of Jesus Christ, and Muslims will choose to ask for help from Allah, and so on, and we have no problem with that, as we believe in allowing all people to worship as they wish, and to practice these methods as they choose!

-Dr. Brad : )    Source:  Dr. Bradley Nelson Question related to Christian Faith

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