7 Ways to Develop Your Intuition/Inner Guidance System

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7 Ways to Develop Your Intuition or  Inner Guidance System

Intuition is our inner voice. We all have it. Learning to listen, develop and follow our intuition gives us a greater advantage in the whirlwind of a world in which we live. It’s the ally that has our back. It’s as natural to us as breathing, but unfortunately for so many it has been suppressed as we’ve grown to become such rational, right brained beings.   We’ve allowed the noise of the world to move us away from our intuition, moving us ever further away from our Inner Guidance System.   These noises include: TV, news and various social media venues.    By working on developing your intuition you will find yourself more centered, less stressed and more ready to tackle the challenges of the day!  AND you will find you can trust your Inner Guidance System more and more each day!!

Here are a few ways to learn to follow your intuition.

  1. Open Your Heart Space Energy

To activate your intuition, remember what you love. Look around you to re-discover the things within your immediate environment that please you. Acknowledge these things and awaken your appreciation for the life you live. This energizes your innate wisdom and opens you to hear guidance which is aligned with your highest and best interests.

  1. Learn to Be Discerning

Notice the difference between your rational, thinking mind and the part of you that has a feeling about a situation. Do you think that it’s necessary to buy two loaves of bread this week – no, but you get a sense that having an extra loaf in the house would be a good idea. Then out of the blue your teenage son shows up Thursday afternoon from school with four of his hungry friends. You got this one. Or perhaps you have a feeling that you should take an alternate route to work but you ignore your gut and find yourself stuck in traffic!  We’ve all done it!

    3. Begin to Ask

When you are faced with a dilemma, big or small – ask. Check in with yourself. Quiet your mind and pose the question. It may take practice to learn to trust the answer you get and it may not always be the answer you want, but follow through and see where it leads you. If your guidance feels muddled, you need to know that your mind is trying to override your heart. Drop back and ask for clarity, and if time allows forget about it for a while. Come back to it later with a fresh sense of things and determine what feels right.  While doing this pay attention to where it is in your body that you have a sense (sensation). Some feel it in the “gut” while others feel it their chest or heart area.  Wherever that feeling is “pay attention” to it!

   4. Learn to Trust

We’ve all had those times when we got the information we needed and didn’t trust it. Remember back and isolate the moment when you first “heard” your intuition tell you the direction to take. What did it feel like? What turned you away from the guidance? Did you trust someone else’s opinion over your own inner guidance? Re-live that moment. Learn from it. Re-frame it so it serves as a trigger for the next time you have the voice within giving you a message. You’ll hear it more clearly and will be less likely to ignore it.

   5. Cultivate and Activate

Think of your intuitive self as a playmate. Invite yourself to play guessing games. You won’t always be right at first, but the more you play, the better you get – and the fun part is your intuition wants you to win! Start with little things like wondering who is on the other end of your ringing phone (before looking at caller ID), or which color dress your little girl will choose to wear today, or how many green lights you’ll get on your way to work. Use your imagination and let the games begin.

  1. Get Into Nature

Even a few minutes in Nature replaces the static energy of cell phones, computers, and other mind stimulating devices that have a tendency to override the soft inner voice within. While sitting in a park or hiking a trail, we are quieted by its very essence. When the mind is at peace, the intuition has a clearer avenue of expression.   Spend time focusing on the beauty and the peacefulness!

  1. Meditate

Research has demonstrated that there is connection between meditation and intuition.  “Executive meditators reported receiving true intuition for decision-making while in altered (higher) states of consciousness, and reported the ability to access these states both in and outside of meditation. They reported their intuition is more accurate following meditation. (The Use of Meditation and Intuition in Decision Making- http://tfsw.uark.edu/_resources/files/McNaughton_Disseration_Final.pdf )   Starting a meditation practice is simple-start by quieting the mind perhaps for only 1-2 minutes at a time and then gradually increase the time. For some great ideas on how to start visit (http://www.mindful.org/starting-your-mindfulness-meditation-practice/ )

Do these things and you will find yourself more in tune with your intuition and you will find that your Inner Guidance System is more and more activated and serving you in many surprising and wonderful ways!!

Here are two great resources to increase your inner guidance and create  mindfulness and change!!

Rebecca Moses write on breathing techniques useful to meditation, mindfulness and more!   Check it out!!


This resource actually inspired me to create a more actionable guide to mindfulness: https://relaxlikeaboss.com/the-art-of-mindfulness/

Enjoy the journey and feel free to share with me your experiences of developing your intuition-your inner guidance system!!




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