7 Tips for Managing Emotions

//7 Tips for Managing Emotions

Emotions and Emotion Code

7 Tips for Managing Emotions

     I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by another holistic alternative health practitioner, Kathy Basel on Vitality Code LIVE!  It was a seven minute – seven tips about emotions and the Emotion Code work that I do.

Watch the 7 minute interview here!  7 Tips Emotion Code

     Here are my seven tips!

  1. Remember it’s just not about emotions! Think in terms of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. From the holistic perspective be sure you are considering your food, friends and your spiritual practices.

  1. Get a grip on your thinking! The mind can be like a hamster on a hamster wheel. Control your thoughts.

  1. Be aware of what you are experiencing and honor it. Notice where you might be feeling anxiety, fear or other emotions.

  1. Meditate-even if you start with 1-2 minutes daily then increase to 2 to 2 times a day. Put aside the idea you have to be a guru and meditate for hours.

  1. IF you have been given a diagnosis—do not make the statement “I am a___________” (diabetic) or “ I have ______________”.  Our cells hear our messages!

  1. Positively Process –Positively process those emotions you become aware of.  Positive ways to process:  Physical activity, meditation, journaling, going for a walk/hike.

  1. IF you are feeling depressed, tired, down in the dumps—INTENTIONALLY change your energy. Get up and move, dance, sing—again your body is listening—your cells are listening!

If you are still finding these methods do not work – or – you want to go deeper and get rid of emotions that are holding you back, causing you physical or emotional discomfort – schedule an Emotion Code Session with me.   Book a Session

In the meantime -here’s to GREAT health and wellness!

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