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2 07, 2018

Maintaining Sanity in a Chaotic World-Ten Ways to Stay in Balance!

2018-07-02T09:38:10-06:00 Elevating Consciousness, Emotions, Health and Well Being, Life Coaching|0 Comments

Keeping ourselves balanced during challenging times..... can be difficult!   Sometimes it may feel like you are on the roller coaster of life and you weren't even asked to get on the roller coaster.  You just "happened" to grab the handle bar and are holding on for dear life!   Many people feel this chaotic ride in [...]

5 10, 2017

7 Tips for Managing Emotions

2018-05-07T18:02:34-06:00 Emotions|0 Comments

Emotions and Emotion Code 7 Tips for Managing Emotions      I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by another holistic alternative health practitioner, Kathy Basel on Vitality Code LIVE!  It was a seven minute - seven tips about emotions and the Emotion Code work that I do. Watch the 7 minute interview [...]

4 05, 2017

Dealing with Chronic Pain?

2018-05-07T18:02:35-06:00 Health and Well Being|0 Comments

Imagine being in pain that never goes away or maybe just eases for a few hours.  Chronic pain is just that-a lingering gnawing, energy draining pain(s) that saps your energy and your life!  Chronic pain impacts every area of your life!! The Impact of Chronic Pain When chronic pain is untreated it can have a [...]

11 02, 2017

Emotions=Energy In Motion Part Two

2018-05-07T18:02:36-06:00 Emotions|0 Comments

E-motions=Energy In Motion Part Two In part one I explored how emotions are energy in motion and how these emotions not only impact our DNA but our health and well-being.  Now in part two I talk about how we can discover these emotions and about how we can change or release them to help [...]

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